I’m Claudio Franco...

PhD in Applied Linguistics (UFMG)

Associate Professor (UFRJ)

ELT materials writer and teacher trainer

About me

I have been involved in English language teaching for over 15 years. I hold a PhD in Applied Linguistics – with a focus on technology and English teaching and learning.

I have been Professor of English at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) since 2011, where I teach undergraduate and graduate courses. 

As an ELT materials writer, I have published a number of English textbooks for public and private schools. I have written (with Kátia Tavares) different textbooks approved by the PNLD (Programa Nacional do Livro Didático).

I find it fascinating to work as a teacher trainer and learn more about teachers’ needs and interests. Some of my research interests include: English Language Teaching and Learning; E-learning and Teaching; The Use/Integration of Technology in Education; Teacher Education.

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